Dating damon howatt bows

there is a possibility that it is an experimental "rocket" model that came out around 56-57 that settled at a 62-66 length for hunting and target.

i asked don jewett, who started working for damon in 1955 to take a look and some of my comments came from him.

Howatt Hunter Yakima, Wash Ne Plus Ultra decal on lower limb.

On riser in hand script: 62" HM88274 and stamped 50 with no other stampings.

I was pretty upset when it broke so Dad took me to Damon's shop to see if he would replace it. He wasn't too happy that I'd broken the experimental bow, and seemed to think I'd been stringing it improperly, perhaps I was. Its brought me some enjoyment and even taken it's share of game. my first howatt bow waas a yew self bow, sinew backed, that drew around 80#.

he told me if i could string it and pull it i could have it.

There is some slight discoloration on the backside of the lower limb that looks as if it may have been covered by a decal at some point in time.

But there were no Rules back then either so nothing is written in stone regarding dates or maker; dating those bows or IDing bowyer is difficult at best. However, your BEST BET for info is to contact Larry Hatfield direct, either via a Private Message thru this forum (as I did) or thru Martin Archery; Larry began working at the Howatt Plant in January 1961 & remained after Martins' acquisition.BTW, Correction: Howatt Plant bowyer #1 was Peter Braur, not Brawn as I previously wrote above.Well, just shows you can't believe Everything you read on the Aside from two bands at top & bottom of sight window in which the wood has not faded (a sight must have been once taped on, but no tape residue is present), bow condition looks to be almost shiney new. I've yet to install a new feather rest (original is completely worn out) & there is a brass spring-loaded swing arm that holds arrow in place until drawn back.Tips & all else are excellent with some riser finish checking when observed at the right angle to the light. Sorry, I've no digital camera but if you look for completed sales @ Ebay you will find pictures; the item # is 270512975802 and item description is Early Damon Howatt Hunter Recurve Bow RH50# Nice Bow.

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