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Middle sister Danielle only just graduated high school before going on the road with Julian Casablancas’s band. “Summer Girl” is probably their most joyous song, and perhaps their most sophisticated, and yet comes from the darkest place. As Danielle explained in a social media post, the song began to come together as a little ode to cheer her partner (and its co-producer Ariel Rechtshaid) while she was on the road and he was at home sick with cancer. I felt so seen in the narratives of misfits that refused to conform to the status quo, desperate to fast-forward to the next stage of their young adult lives where they would be accepted as their truest selves. Taylor will let her guard down and rest — fighting is so exhausting.

Youngest sister Alana barely even applied to colleges, so certain that she was going to be in a band with her sisters. Angel Olsen’s “All Mirrors” feels like putting yourself into that type of cinematic experience as soon as the ’80s synths arrive, although it’s probably more fitting for a title like . Part of the thing with therapy and healing is acceptance — acceptance that you can be “the archer” and also “the prey” and look at your mistakes just as critically as your enemies, and finally heal. I see right through me.” This must have been a breakthrough during her therapeutic songwriting sessions, or at least we hope so. The Death Cab for Cutie frontman, employing his unmistakable, soulful whine while presumably wearing a “3” cap over his floppy hair, sings: “Do you remember how when you were younger/The summers all lasted forever?

They make it look like a breeze but it’s anything but. The young pop-punk band is known for their high-octane live performances and their simultaneously zany and disquieting music videos; the group’s latest release “Bet My Brains” is no exception.

but this song would have been perfect for any of the scenes where the teens are high out of their minds. S” — Schoolboy Q skewers our obsessive need for more (W. In the video, lead singer Arrow de Wilde makes clown makeup great again while practicing her exorcist routine.

Now that I’ve had a few days to mediate on it, I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure. — God, in Her divine wisdom, could not have prepared me for the Megan Thee Stallion–Nicki Minaj collab.

Alongside Ty Dolla Sign, they’ve flipped City Girls’ “Act Up” into the song of the summer.

When I listened to what Thunberg had to say, when I heard the way the 1975 were engaging with their audiences, when I imagined Matthew Healy giving his stage to another leader half his age because she believes that we still have time to make a difference, it actually calmed me down. — DIIV, “Skin Game” While I’m fully aware that the phrase “everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” was meant to be ironic during the Tumblr era, I feel like we as a society are only now facing the reality that so many of us are suffering in silence.

All the money acquired from this song will go to the climate-change movement Extinction Rebellion, and the instruction is that we all “wake up! But people don’t have to hide alone in their pain anymore; you can find support through the struggle, and that’s the beauty of “Skin Game.” For me, the most chilling line is “Holding in coughs, hiding my head/ Everybody respects the dead” — it reminds me of all the lives that were lost too soon from overdoses.

Rub your eyes for even just one second and then reopen them to find out that Missy freakin’ Elliott has released a whole mixtape into the world. I dare to ask this question for the room: When is the last time that someone told you, “All I want is to be near you”?And significantly it apes the reach of the band’s creative choices on this song.They’ve put the instruments away that defined their initial success, for now.(RIP Mac Miller and Lil Peep.) DIIV’s forthcoming album, PJ Morton, “Ready” “Many people thought I was done.Part of this documentary is to show everybody that I’m not done.

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