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It could also be rented out for special events, two of which were Dairy Day, featuring live cows and dairy farmers, along with a beauty contest, and took place August 22, 1959, and Car Club Day, which was booked by the Road Lords Car Club, but co-sponsored by a police advisory council to add a level of civility and credence, due to car clubs’ reputation for unruly teenagers, and took place September 5, 1959.The area closed due to several reasons, but ultimately to make way for what is now New Orleans Square.The standard explanation, among the few WDW postcard collectors I've asked, for why these appear on the first few years of chromes with photos on them is that this was to help distinguish what was being built in Florida from Disneyland so folks wouldn't get postcards of the new park and go "isn't that in California? For the photo post cards this explanation holds up.I think the "Florida" logo was used early on to aid in the public awareness of their location, especially since the postmarks on the used cards I have back it up.Right now, I am still busy entering data into the tool…starting with NT cards.

It’s 4X6 and it’s original owner only saw fit to write “Florida” on the back!

The Upjohn Pharmacy was there on opening day in 1955 and lasted until September 1970. A unique item I have is a large folding postcard set that feature panorama views of various locations in Disneyland, and I quite enjoy this one of Disneyland.

When it comes to the holidays, Main Street USA certainly gives you that old-timey Christmas vibe.

All of the 19 post marked photo chrome cards have the Flag logo, and most of the 73 and 74 postmarked cards do also. I think that the one card I have from 1973 without a flag logo may have been a new view that year (it is 01110213 FUN ON BAY LAKE) and they may have already figured out at that point the WDW had been promoted enough so most people already knew it was in Florida.

That would explain why the Florida flag logo was phased out after a few years, after all, by that time the folks who were the target audience for WDW would have known the difference.

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I can’t put a year on this, and my copy of Nick Farago’s original WDW card list is buried somewhere in my office (only a few feet away from me to be sure…but it would take a while to dig out!

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