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In the context of divorce law, you can "plead no contest" by abstaining from defending yourself against the allegations contained in your spouse’s complaint or petition for divorce.

You might do this at trial or in depositions by invoking your Fifth Amendment right against incriminating yourself, depending on your state’s laws.

Generally, adultery would have to be a criminal offense in your jurisdiction for your Fifth Amendment right to apply.

Alternatively, you might simply decide not to deny your spouse’s adultery grounds when you file an answer to her complaint.

Your spouse can potentially make a case that you began a new relationship before you decided to divorce, while you were still happily married.

If your spouse names the person you’re dating in her initial or amended complaint, it legally involves that individual in your divorce lawsuit. Dating before your divorce is final and before a court decides custody issues can also affect your relationship with your children.

Even then, you might want to give your kids time to adjust to the reality of your divorce first.

Until 1967, adultery was the only grounds for divorce recognized by New York.

If your spouse brings your activities to the attention of a judge, it may work against you in a dispute.Depending on the specifics of your situation, you might not be too vulnerable to repercussions, but only your attorney would know that.If you decide to go ahead and begin dating someone, be circumspect and don’t introduce that person to your children until after you’re divorced.When successful, they result in monetary damages paid to the injured spouse.Speak with your attorney if you’ve met someone and want to begin dating before your divorce is final.

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