Dating etiquette for guys

Avoid the pitfall: There’s only so much to talk about over dinner.“Invite her to do something you know a lot about, and are passionate about, like a baseball game or a concert with your favorite band,” Dr. “You’ll have lots to say.” There’s a huge difference between being frugal and being cheap, Masini says.If you’re not sure where to start, her job is usually a good bet.“Women love knowing that you take their work and ambitions seriously,” Dr. “Ask her about what made her go into her career, and what she plans or wants to accomplish.A new survey by activity-planning site Vimbly identified the top pitfalls that turn women off.Some of them might seem trivial, but let’s face it: It’s a .You don’t get a lot of leeway to mess things up when there’s no established relationship.Here’s how to avoid the 16 common missteps in the survey so you can ace your first impression—and schedule a second date before the waiter brings out dessert.

As a result, lots of guys wind up making the same mistakes.

Women today don’t need over-the-top chivalry, but that doesn’t mean you should slack on your manners.

Letting the door slam in her face, talking down to waiters, and spending the entire date glued to your phone are all behaviors that she won’t find attractive.

Avoid the pitfall: Check yourself before you name-drop—it almost never sounds good, Masini says.

As for that story about your buddies’ epic trip to Tijuana, save it for when you get together with them.

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