Dating fearful women

Despite your smaller frame, your culture encourages you to dress in skin-tight, constricting clothing and walk in shoes that put you off balance.As you walk into a bar, all of these massive men turn their heads and stare at you.So you stay close and observe her in order to not let your chance pass by. In more practical terms: A guy who tells a woman he just met, “I want to take you home tonight,” is probably an asshole, but he is an asshole she knows about and can decide to stay clear from – or not.A guy who follows her around all night like the main character from Assassin’s Creed just to approach her with, “I noticed you at the party.You know from experience that most of them want to sleep with you, and chances are you want to sleep with some of them too, but not all of them.You order a drink, and several of these guys come talk to you. When you reject them, some of them call you a bitch.There are certainly others and each person has specific desires.

Often, in psychological matters, what we try to avoid is what we create. So make sure you prevent yourself from constantly thinking about whether or not you are creeping others out and, instead, try to stay in the moment by conversing and having fun.A good exercise for this is setting a reminder a few times a day and every time it goes off you say out loud what you are thinking and how you are feeling in the moment.Once you have become good at this (shouldn’t take you more than a week or so) all that’s left to do is practice. That’s why I recommend that you always follow up eye contact with conversation. Try to have nothing prepared before you open your mouth. Few guys have the guts to do this, so you’ll have a big bonus even before you have said a single word.I realize that a lot of guys have intense anxiety around showing intent.Putting your cards on the table can be scary – for men women, by the way.

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