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There's little soul in this city, just a lot of fear and aloofness.Felt it on every vacay, now I feel it every day #poet So now I just judge Dubai from my balcony. I'm the chick who walks up & down Sheikh Zayed Road in jammies, staring unflinchingly at people on their coffee dates. That is where you meet actual people -- at the places, where you are NOT looking for a date.Remember that due to society, the gender ratio is extremely skewed - the average person in Dubai is male, Indian, and about 30. What this means in practical terms: If you were a vaguely attractive 25-year-old girl from a Western country - or Russia, South America, say - prepare for lots and lots of attention.

I think that's a little cynical and a massive generalization."It is pretty cynical, but it's pretty much correct, and I've seen it plenty of times.

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I think that's a little cynical and a massive generalization.

I'm not superficial at all, being able to get along with someone and have common interests is a lot more important to me than what someone looks like.

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