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Anne Haque, a strategy consultant, felt a similar need for alternative methods of dating, so she organized a Muslim singles’ luncheon.

It drew 10 men and 10 women to a rented midtown penthouse, and its success inspired Haque to plan further “Muzmeets.”But we're still talking about dating, so it's not like a meetup or a few swipes can fix the problems anyone might face in modern love.

Though born and raised in New York, Omar spent two years of high school in Yemen with her family and wants to marry a man with the same background.

But if Omar craves religious and cultural connection, she also wants a Hollywood-style romance.

“That’s not the type of life I want,” she told him.

Now she relies on traditional matchmaking through friends and relatives, avoiding dating apps because of the stigma they still carry in Muslim communities.

But for young American Muslims, whose parents and grandparents adhered to more traditional and strict family obligations in dating, or had arranged marriages, the pull of familial expectations can be strong.They’ve essentially given the green light to the relationship, and things are progressing: Omar’s relative, Sara, said the man’s parents are already looking to buy gold, which is customarily given to a bride by the groom’s family.Like in most other Muslim countries and communities around the world, young Muslims in Tunisia are not allowed to date in the sense as Western communities understand it.He failed to provide the attention she wanted, so Omar ended their relationship.Prior to the breakup, Omar said her fiancé asked if she wanted to be a housewife.

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