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Our IR snitches tell us that their has been an increase of **beckys (white girls), showing up at the night clubs after the NFL playoff games! So this week we have decided to honor all white girls in texas, you bitches get the dirty nasty whore award!!Check out a sexy picture from a hot white girl dancing with her new black friend at the club, all the white guys just stood back and watched their lovely woman fall for another race, in their face! "Honorable mention to the young homie for picking up a cute white virgin from his high school Christmas party!"Motherfucker I must have blew a huge load of black sperm in this pretty white bitches pussy!The sad thing is her boyfriend doesnt know she let black motherfuckers fill her up while he is busy at work trying to pay the bills!

My father would roll over in his grave if he knew is little grand daughter was thinking about wedding a black man! LOL, dam I guess Martin Luther King was right, one day we will all walk hand and hand!

I guess the white man didnt expect his woman to be walking without his ass, while holding a black mans hand!

Karma is a bitch for all the discrimination done over the years I guess shit has finally caught up with the almighty!

This week we dedicate the dirty nasty whore award too: Everybody who has done some filthy shit to stop the movement of interracial sex and dating!

The preachers who wouldnt marry the interracial couple in the south earlier this year, the media for dragging Tiger Woods swinger ass into the group for fucking MORE white women and the bastards who turn their noses up when they see a Interracial couple walking down the street! You cant stop the darkside from spreading, deal with it!!

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