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The fun to be had with interracial dating in Chicago is off the rail.

But what about those who’ve got everything all mapped out except the date?

Yes, we all know the woman is the boss in most families. Please comment if you have any advice or questions.

And if the neighborhood (Washington Park) can be a little on the risky side, tell your date (or yourself) not to panic. But then there’s also barbecue, another culinary style our friends in Chicago know a thing or two about. With food cooked over a live fire in a glass-walled smoker and also Barbara Ann’s BBQ featuring safe-flacked hot links and anything else your imagination (and their grill) can fire up.

Well if you need a companion in hurry (without risking jail time) there’s Chicago First Dates, a speed-dating organization that puts together low cost opportunities to meet somebody special.

And if your taste in special somebodies is for a member of a different race, there’s good news for you.

But for those in — or curious about — the city who also happen to have a taste for interracial dating in Chicago, this post should provide a beginner’s road map for finding love — or at least a place to have a damn good time with the sweetheart until love arrives.

If you’re under a hundred years old, you’ve probably been schooled in

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A few others that put the blues and jazz on display include Rosa’s lounge, Andy’s jazz club and Buddy Guy’s Legends.

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