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A list of approved devices is issued by the University of California and authorized by the State Department of Health Services.

The District inspects these devices annually and will notify you if there is a violation that requires your action.

HCSD recognizes the need for the privacy and protection of personal information.

HCSD does not release customer’s personal information to outside agencies or companies except as needed in the collection of bad debt account process.

They offer almost seven cubic feet of lockable storage for tools and other gear.

Other new features include task lighting in the bed and a 120-volt household power outlet near the tailgate for your convenience.

The previous reading is subtracted from the current reading to determine the amount of water used. You can help the meter reader get an accurate reading by: How to Check Your Meter For Leaks To check for a leak, locate your meter.

The meter is usually located near the roadway at the front of the property. On the meter face, there is a small triangle known as a “tattle tale”, if it is spinning you may have a leak.

We will endeavor to discontinue service the following business day, excluding weekends and holidays. The meter registers use in cubic feet (One cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons of water used).

We will endeavor to restore service the following business day, excluding weekends and holidays.

Call HCSD at (707) 443-4550 to discontinue service.

All information on the Application for Water and/or Sewer Service must be completed, and the form signed and dated.

Applications with missing information will not be processed.

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Once the application has been received and the deposit fee has been paid, we will endeavor to start service the following business day, excluding weekends and holidays. The meters are read approximately the same time each month. This way you will know the amount and date the funds will be deducted from your checking account.

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