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From that list and your survey you can each fill out your bucket list and plan your 12 dates !

We have 5 dates that are all planned out for you—you just need to print and go!

You can, of course, still throw in some mimosas and have a little weeknight party in the kitchen. Go to your local, or favorite, book store and find something that you will both enjoy. Winter can be FREEZING depending where you live but plan for a nice weekend to get away. Light all the candles in the dark house, play a board game you found or make up your own game. Invite a few of your friends over and have everyone make cookies to exchange. You could even make it fun and run a poll to see who’s painting your friends like better. And if it’s a place that you can walk through, even better! There are usually free nights at the zoo in winter since it is slower, but the animals are typically more active in the cold. If you don’t have snowshoes see if you can borrow some from friends or family. That way you aren’t responsible for paying for all the food and drinks. Dress him (or her) in extra scarves and hats that you have lying around. Sometimes the last hour or half hour has free admission!

It doesn’t to be a novel, you don’t even have to love to read, but I guarantee you will both find something that strikes your interest there. Take a mini road trip and spend the day outside exploring areas you might not have been to before. Invite another couple over to join you in your fake power outage and make the most of it. It’s a fun way to still spend time with your partner and your friends, while doing something festive. Build a fort and have a living room sleepover in it. Knitting is a fun hobby to learn and it’s more fun to have someone to learn with, especially if one of you gets it and the other doesn’t. If you don’t have a fire place, the stove top works just fine too! You know what’s funnier than looking your partner’s high school yearbook and baby pictures? Don’t forget to bring your homemade hot chocolate along with you to keep you warm. It will be a fun way to get out of the house and not spend a lot of money, if you spend any at all! Snowshoeing is a fun way to be active in the winter and still get outside. Go to the thrift shop and try to find the ugliest Christmas sweater you can. It’s a fun way to bring back the nostalgia this time of year.

This is a fun little date night to draw our your dreams then follow it up with some SMART goals to make those dreams reality.

This You Tube scavenger hunt is sure to get you laughing together.

There’s a date night rule “contract” that is just cute enough to pop up on the fridge for a good reminder.

And hey, by spending time with your teenager you might even learn a few things about your little mystery who stopped talking to you on the eve of their 13It is so easy to get distracted by your teens’ schedule, homework, and activities that good quality time between you and them is rare.

Whether it's your first time out with someone or your 100th, date night can get a little stale sometimes.

Next time you're short on creative ways to spend time together, try one of these ideas—you just might grow closer than ever!

To help the conversation flow we have 49 This or That questions with 14 blanks for you to fill in with your own questions.

They may seem silly at first but they might just lead you to learn more about your teenager.

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