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Unlike online dating sites and services, Alexander brings a personal touch to matchmaking. Matchmaker Karenna Alexander comes to the rescue for locals who need serious help finding their soulmates.So whether you’ve been a couple for decades, or it’s your first time stepping out together, check out our ideas for amazing local dates. She meets clients in their neighborhood — typically at restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or in their homes.“Back then I was thinner, cuter (writer’s edit: that’s her opinion!), and had a lot more options.”Felice found that some men she met online were picky and arrogant. “Not me.” Vincent, 52 from Washingtonville, says the same, “I never used dating websites, but I did go on to investigate the women on there, then suddenly you have 18 pages of questions to go through.

Hugh is a 50-year-old who will not be single for much longer. Right and interestedly enough, she lives “across the pond.” Since his divorce three years ago, Hugh met women through friends and at local bars.Then she trained as a dating coach, and found one of the biggest complaints was that her clients simply couldn’t find the right person.So, a year ago, Alexander became a certified matchmaker through the Matchmaking Institute in New York City.She has gone down a different route to find the love of her life.The 48-year-old never thought a cab ride would lead to love, but that’s just what happened. Now she and Johnny are celebrating their first year anniversary with an engagement.

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There comes a time in everyone's dating life where things have stalled and you are faced with the dilemma of "What to do next?

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