Dating in high school is stupid

Save Your First Kiss Read the Ways to Forget Your First Love, and you’ll know how hard it is.

One of the reasons is because he had your first kiss.

Single is Definitely More Fun After reading all of the point above, isn’t single more fun than dating?

You don’t need boyfriend or girlfriend to make you happy or enjoying your time during high school.

This is why you should not date in high school because you don’t need anyone as the center of your world.8.You will have plenty of time to date later and you can meet many man in the future.Don’t think you’d lost the chance if you didn’t date in high school.15.You Don’t Know What is Love Yet If you meet a good boy, then it’s a big relieve. We never what will happen to your future because you know love too early.You know it first even before you become more mature and wise about love.9.

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