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It is believed to have been visited by Alexander the Great's army.Modern Multan was founded by the Sufi Saint Syed Shah Yousaf Gardez upon his arrival from Gardez Afganistan.Since then, there has been some industrial growth, and the city's population is continually growing.But the old city continues to be in a dilapidated state, and many monuments wear the effects of the warfare that has visited the city.There are many canals that cut across the Multan District, providing water from nearby farms. However usually land close to the Chenab are usually flooded in the monsoon season. There forefathers were the founders of modern Multan. The majority of Multan's residents speak Saraiki which is the northern variant of Sindhi (the nomenclature 'Seraiki' is derived from the Sindhi language and literally means 'belonging to the north'), while Haryanvi is the second most spoken language. However, the city does have significant Sikh and Hindu communities within the district.A good portion of the people are conversant in Urdu. There are still many temples and Gurdwaras within the city.Moreover, it has direct flights to/from Faisalabad, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.Currently PIA and the budget airlines Shaheen and Fly Dubai serve the city of Multan. Recently PIA has announced twice weekly flights to Quetta.

All discreetly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, each villas is nestled within its own tropical sanctuary.The British held it from 1848 until Pakistan achieved independence in 1947.It initially lacked industry, hospitals and universities.It came into existence after Great Flood on the name of Multan: one of the sons of Sino bin Canaan, the grandson of Noah.According to Hindu legends, it was the capital of the Trigarta Kingdom at the time of the Mahabharata war, ruled by the Katoch Dynasty.

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