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"I think you're really freaking cool but I don't think we have chemistry in that way," Abby told Jewel, who happily agreed.Kourbine (23, day trader) and Claire (26, server) had such a good time on their juggling date that they decided they didn't want their day to end.Victoria (30, sexpert/web host) and Jay (28, warehouse package handler) didn't hold back when it came too suggestive language and they even played a sexy game of truth or dare!

Despite the rocky ride, Scot said he really liked Alexa, while Alexa promised never to see Scot again.And later, while enjoying a romantic dinner, they sealed their date with a kiss!We can totally see a second and third date in their future.They just didn't seem to be vibing and when Shane revealed he never wants to get married, Alaia officialy friend-zoned him for life."He's cute for someone, but he's not the one for me," she said at the end of the day.

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Maya even warned other woman to back off her man...seems like Maya is all in for a full-on relationship already!

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