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That leaves around six decades’ worth of cymbals primarily identifiable by one thing: the stamp.

While other factors like lathing concentricity and hammering patterns can assist in divining the age/era of your cymbal, the most accurate way to know whether you have a crash from the ‘70s or the ‘40s is a close study of the famous Zildjian stamp.

For many denim lovers, hunting for worn and vintage jeans and jackets is a favourite hobby.

Especially with vintage Levi’s denim jackets you can potentially make a big score, but there are certain characteristics of the design and production details you need to know.

While these can be confusing because there are models with and without the three dots, there are two easy giveaways when identifying Large Stamps: a hollow block “Zildjian Co” with a more detailed engraving and/or a stamp size of 1 ⅞”.

These early models are easier to identify thanks to the hand hammering, wider lathing, and generally more worn appearance due to their age.

That being said, there are obviously exceptions of well-preserved specimens, some of which have even retained their ink logo through the years (it’s a common misconception that early models weren’t inked).

If your jacket has a double row stitching adjacent to the buttonhole and only two chest pockets, then it’s from the same period, 71 till mid-80s.

Jan is a designer with a background in graphic, packaging, and in-store design.

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