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It is perhaps the best business decision I have ever made.” “Defining a company’s core values begins with having a clear understanding of an organization’s mission statement, as well as establishing among the leadership how to best serve clients, employees and the community.

Core values developed through a collaborative effort maximizes the vested interest of all involved, and that buy in is critical.

Naturally, the company core values are centered on doing good and promoting the arts.

This is only possible if I create a culture of honesty, grace, and fun.

Come back to them in a month and see if they need any tweaking.

Then announce them throughout the organization, and use them in hiring and decision-making.”What behaviors will the company value over making a quick buck?

In other words, when and how should a customer be fired—before your team quits because of the customer’s bad behavior? If your team spends precious time complaining about a customer at the water cooler, when they should be talking about creative ways to make your company fantastic—what does that say about your core value of team first?

The good news is, core values can help you achieve this.A set of values that the whole organization not only acknowledges in places like the company’s website and on a standard company mission statement . The next question, then, is how does a company develop and define its core values? but also actually lives and breathes through its people, inside and outside of the company.Don’t let the boss decree the values for everyone else.In fact, the boss should speak last so as not to guide others’ thoughts.

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