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Similarly, Wolfgang Beltracchi, a 21st century forger, also bought his frames and supports at antique markets (18).Thus, the art of deceiving by acquiring an older support is a common modus operandi among forgers to avoid anachronistic features and was already common practice before the development of C dating.

Technical advances in general, and especially in the field of gas ion source AMS (5, 6), where mixtures of CO and He gas are introduced straight into the GIS-AMS, have reduced sample requirements to micrograms of material (7), thereby setting a new milestone.One of those paintings, signed “Sarah Honn” and dated “May 5, 1866 AD,” imitates the American primitive folk art style and is entitled , (Fig. The painting was seized by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.This case study was thoroughly investigated previously and numerous telltale signs of forgery were identified (23).So far, the most conclusive criterion in the field of counterfeit detection is the scientific proof of material anachronisms.The establishment of the earliest possible date of realization of a painting, called the , is based on the comparison of materials present in an artwork with information on their earliest date of discovery or production.

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The triangle in continuous blue lines is a small extension of that loss to acquire a sample for the work reported here.

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