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Conversely, few miniatures were tight closeups of the face alone. Many miniatures are formal poses, as noted, but even as early as 1595, Nicolas Hilliard painted Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland (known as the Wizard Earl for his interest in scholarly pursuits and alchemy) reclining on one elbow in a landscape, dreaming and distracted from his reading.

Except for the lace collar of the period, the work is surprisingly modern; the Earl might have lived in the second half of the 20th century.

A few are of architectural subjects and entire cityscapes, especially those done to adorn the sides of small, ornate boxes.

Often the artist signed the work on the back, but a fair percentage chose to place their signature on the image itself.

The majority of surviving miniatures are oval, but we also see rounds and a lesser number of rectangles, squares, somewhat octagonal forms and even small arched shapes, the latter usually on eye miniatures.

In the eighteenth century, John Singleton Copley painted a great many miniature portraits in addition to his full sized works.

By the 18th century, signatures were usually reduced to small and unobtrusive initials, when they appeared at all, but in the 16th century, the signature and the sitter’s name–and perhaps even the date–might be gorgeously lettered in gold on a very dark or cobalt blue background.

The ornate calligraphic lettering was an integral part of the overall design, often wreathing the sitter’s head.

The images were painted with watercolor, oils, enamels, and sometimes drawn with plumbago (the early term for graphite).Some surviving examples are very much in the folk art vein, unsophisticated and perhaps even crude, but charming nonetheless.In same cases we can see the development of a talent; for instance an early self-portrait miniature by the artist John Singleton Copley is quite stiff and oversimplified compared to the confidence, energy and accuracy of his later works.(Reynolds is an acknowledged expert on the art of the miniature, and was responsible for the collection of British portrait miniatures at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, some 2000 works.He has studied miniatures since 1937.) Most miniature portraits are from 3/4 view, as it is easiest to capture a likeness that way.

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