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At this commemorative event, invited media can of course view inside the vehicle.There will also be various features such as styles of worship and halal cuisine.Within Tokyo there are a few International Islamic Schools that teach Islamic values in an Islamic environment while using an international curriculum.These schools also make it possible for your child to learn Japanese and English.YUAI International Islamic School was founded through the collaboration of the FGA Education Foundation and the Islamic Centre of Japan.

part of tourism infrastructure facilities for world sports events coming to Japan next year and in 2020, the committee has now completed a“mobile mosque.” This project was launched when it was highlighted that there was an insufficient number of mosques amidst advancing consideration toward diverse guests of various nationalities, cultures, and beliefs.It is equipped with facilities such as a water basin for purifying and cleansing before worship and indicates Qibla (the direction of Kaaba at Mecca).It was originally designed to be a mosque for a large number of people and where formal worship is possible.This does however greatly depend on the school and what they are able to arrange or how they can support Muslim children.It is best to consult with your local school’s principal and teachers before enrolling in a Japanese public school.

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(From the Japan Halal Business Association data.) 《Access to the Venue》 Station⇔Venue: We will provide charter bus for the transfer between the station and the venue.

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