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Learning to speak the language was the easy part, a simple matter of trading in the slang of my homeland for shiny, new American colloquialisms: Instead of “snogging,” I was now “making out.” (To this day I am still a little confused about the parameters of intimacy around “hooking up.” Does it involve sex or not?) Getting to grips with the finer points of the mating rituals in the city, however, would prove a lot tougher than picking up the vocabulary.Kenny was for sure the first man I had met from Montclair, New Jersey, so he filled a very specific hole in my research in the same way that I did his. The use of typeface is not value-free, it generates its own meaning and can transform that which it represents. But she’s only gotten stronger since the discourse around “Born to Die” and now she’s poised to deliver perhaps her best album yet in “Norman F***ing Rockwell.” Guitarist Rob Scallon, thought it'd be a good idea to link up a bunch of pedals and aim for a record.'' I used to sit and pray the phones wouldn't ring,'' she recalled. Sassa, who is 43 years old, said she had been raised to be a housewife whose life would revolve around her family and who would seldom venture outside her home.Now, 13 years later, she coordinates language programs at the Japan Society here and works in its library.“I think there’s been some kind of misunderstanding. Now that we knew that the possibility of romance and apparently business was off the table, Kenny became visibly more relaxed. I remembered being the one with the ridiculous stories to tell, the hilarious post-date dish sessions with friends, those crazy adventures that you never quite knew where they would lead. Even though I once relished the high drama of those early romances, a precarious New York love life, with its pits and its peaks, its trap doors and springboards, wasn’t sustainable in the long run. The truth is, I’d found something that suited much better: A boyfriend who lives in London.

When Reiko Sassa first arrived in New York from Japan, she dreaded her volunteer job answering telephones in the office at her child's school.

I should have known the date was going to be a disaster when he suggested we meet in Midtown. In my mind, Kenny was no ordinary tall, dark, and handsome stranger; he was six-foot-six with rippling muscles for goodness’ sake!

In those days we used to say we got a nosebleed if we ventured above 14th Street. ” If I have any reservations, they were swiftly consumed by a burning curiosity.

(I guess he figured he didn’t have anything to lose?

) From what I could gather, Kenny had had precious little dating experience outside of his town in New Jersey; this girlfriend was likely a childhood sweetheart, and I was probably the first Londoner he’d taken for drinks. Aside from a few meaningless dates here and there, I’d yet to establish anything vaguely serious in New York.

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