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And some crafters veered to the right and took knotting toward tatting.This “Y” configuration indicates it is possible that tatting developed from the ancestry of only knotting.

Patterns were passed on to each new generation by word of mouth.

Yet, Nicholls is willing to entertain a couple of other theories regarding the origin of tatting.

First, she imagines an Italian seaman on a long journey, perhaps bored, he sees a rope wound in a circle and bound by tatting knots.

But we have another contender to claim the origin of knotting.

In the Pitts-River Museum at Dorset, England, a four-inch, bone shuttle is displayed.

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To further complicate the matter, it is easy to imagine the Lark’s head knot being called “tatting” in one region and “knotting” in a different region of the country. The English language, though full of rough approximations, remains our primary tool for research.

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