Dating like a french woman testing the radiocarbon dating method

Okay, you know you can charm in a conversation, you’re intellectually up to speed, but it’s still not enough.

You should know how to laugh, that’s the secret of “flirt”, and I can tell you the French love a good laugh!

However, being extremely and practically professionally single, as I most definitely am, it certainly couldn’t hurt to read the damn thing and see what I might be able to get out of it.

As my editor Daniela jokingly — and in fallacious, very bad French — always says: “Les beggars cannot be les choisiers.” French women don’t date There it was, in crisp, resolute black and white on page 138 of the book: “French women don’t date.” (Neither do I, so things were already off to a great start.) Instead, author Jamie Cat Callan explains, French women like to meet men at dinner parties, after which they will “go for a walk or meet in the park and enjoy a casual picnic.” Which all sounds lovely, but first one has to be invited to a dinner party, doesn’t one? “Is anyone hosting a dinner party in the next week?

– Be groomed (shaved, nice hair cut) – Put on a nice perfume – Compliment her on her outfit or her look – Pay for dinner or the date – Don’t talk about salary. A couple can be ok to fill in the blanks or make her laugh.

We always do what we say we will do and we expect the same from our contacts or dates!!

Remember in Rule 5, I told you not to be too hasty.

Preserve the mystery about yourself and don’t immediately make the discussion about you, your interests or successes.

A real flirter makes the other person feel special.

No better words to describe me and explain the passion that urged me to create New York Dating

There are rules – a protocol to observe carefully if you want to become a smooth “pro” in French seduction.

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