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If you are experiencing problems playing Flash content, please consider installing our official Newgrounds Player to continue enjoying this content indefinitely. I'll just assume all the people complaining about it being impossible are on laptops or some shit. Would seriously hope our main man is caught and slapped in jail.

Dialogues also cringy as shit, but hell, the whole scenario is sorta cringy as shit. Also, lady watches you crush a man's skull and not only doesn't run the fuck away but fucks you. Would hope the lady too, since her lack of shit's given at murder makes her pretty much a ticking time bomb but she's crime free so oh well.

Unfortunately, the shuttle collided with a civilian aircraft that had somehow slipped through the security cordon, and began to crash.

Lois is the oldest of two children, born to Sam Lane, a career military officer, and Ella Lane.

I don't beautiful as a movie star, but she has...a quality. A spark..." Unfortunately, a crowd quickly tried to mob the mysterious man, so he flew away.

Lois got the byline for the front page newspaper story MYSTERIOUS SUPERMAN SAVES SPACE PLANE!

She was caught by Luthor himself, however, who gave her a paddling and sent her on her way.

Perry was so impressed that he did agree to hire her.

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  1. CNN is a step down in terms of the type of freedom he will have to be himself and somewhat in prestige. Black dude, I think you're confusing Greek-American George Stephanopoulos with Greek-Canadian George Stroumboulopoulos. He is the current entertainment interviewer for Canada, so gets whomever is in town.

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