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Research in the 1980s indicated that, for the Muslim north, education beyond primary school was restricted to the daughters of the business and professional elites, and in almost all cases, courses and professions were chosen by the family, not the woman themselves.However, in the last few years, the rate of women's employment has apparently increased as more women have been employed in the modern sector.Women's social role in Nigeria differs according to religious and geographic factors.Women's role is primarily understood as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives.In the south, women traditionally had economically important positions in interregional trade and the markets, worked on farms as major labor sources, and had influential positions in traditional systems of local organization.

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Research indicated that this practice was one of the main reasons city women gave for opposing schooling for their daughters.

Even in elite houses with educated wives, women's presence at social gatherings was either nonexistent or very restricted.

Research in the north indicated that many women opposed the practice, and tried to keep bearing children to stave off a second wife's entry into the household.

Although women's status would undoubtedly rise, for the foreseeable future Nigerian women lacked the opportunities of men. This process meant, generally, less formal education; early teenage marriages, especially in rural areas; and confinement to the household, which was often polygynous, except for visits to family, ceremonies, and the workplace, if employment were available and permitted by a girl's family or husband.

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Such households were more numerous in the south, but they were on the rise everywhere.

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