Dating my blood related cousin

With third cousins, you can’t always assume that all of your shared matches with your third cousins are related to you in the same way that you and your cousin are related.

It’s possible that you simply are related to a shared match in a completely different way than the way in which you are related to your third cousin.

Their system is only looking at the total amount of shared c Ms, and the number of segments that we share in order to determine a potential relationship.

Basically at a party for a cousin of mine (my second cousin, Lily) I was introduced to one of Lilys other cousins.Since third cousins can share as much as around 100 c Ms, it is entirely possible for a DNA matching software to report the relationship as closer than it actually is.Since it’s possible for you to share no DNA with a third cousin, it’s also possible for you to share very, very little DNA with a third cousin.While second cousins will absolutely always share at least some DNA, it’s possible for them to share as little as 75 c Ms.They can share even less if they are half second cousins.

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