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If you are a traveler and you haven’t visited China, then you are missing some astonishing picturesque destinations.

From Shanghai, Beijing, to historic Xi’an, and Wuhu, the Country has many hidden gems. Tsinghua University has been referred to as “possibly the best university in the world for mathematics and computing.” This is a title well earned as China continues to put more world-class universities on the...

One of the first things you learn about ‘living in China’, is that the way you, a foreigner, views things in general, is generally considered pretty strange and mysterious.

Circumcision (male and female), tattoo’s, alcohol, smoking, modesty or lack thereof, women’s rights, gay rights, general manners and curtesy, religion or lack thereof are just some examples of things in other cultures that we might find offensive.In the western countries where young people are encouraged to think for themselves and make their own decisions, but in China, boys and girls will study only what their parents want them to study and if there are two children in the family and not enough money for both to go to school or university, it will be the boy who studies, not his sister. It is one thing to talk about multiculturalism and how we should ‘respect’ everyone’s culture, and it is another thing, to have to ‘put up with’ that culture in our daily lives, or expose aspects of those cultures to our children whom we have raised to hold contrary values.They are also not permitted (by law) to marry until they are 22 and 20 years old respectively. Beyond this, there is another more important matter, which is, that many of our cultural values, are truly only relevant to our own culture and society.You realize that this is a humongous country, with so many tourist...Chinese dating etiquette is one of the well-known particular dating culture in the world of relationship.

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Smoking at the dinner table during dinner is usual, and if in a restaurant, the moment the last person takes their last mouthful of food, everyone jumps up and leaves. They do not look down on people because of the colour of their skin, or their religion.

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