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That was a great difficulty for early Christianity. The subject matter of the book suggests that Acts was written when that issue was still current.

d) Acts uses expressions that faded from use early in the history of Christianity.

Still a third event not mentioned is the murder of Jesus’ brother James, who was leader of the Christians in Jerusalem at the time.

Since Luke records the martyrdom of Stephen and the martyrdom of James the son of Zebedee, it is unlikely that he would fail to relate the death of James, the brother of Jesus, who was much more prominent. 64, but at the end of Acts he is still alive in Rome awaiting his trial.

For example, one of the burning issues in Acts is the relationship between Christians who had been converted from Judaism and Christians who had been converted from paganism.

The problem was whether the pagan converts should be required to submit themselves to all the Jewish laws and customs in order to be Christians. 70, it ceased to be a problem, since Jewish Christianity was all but wiped out in that disastrous event.

The most natural explanation for the occurrence of those expressions is that Acts was written early enough to be in touch with the climate of the early days of the Christian Way.

(e) The attitude of the Romans toward Christianity is positive in Acts.

Also Christians are still referred to as “disciples” and the Jewish nation as “the people.” Sunday is called “the first day of the week,” another early expression.These six lines of evidence combine to present a powerful case that Acts was written before A. Therefore, Luke’s information should be regarded as reliable as Paul’s. But we are talking about less than fifteen to thirty years.But more than that: since one of the sources used by Luke in writing his gospel was probably Mark’s gospel, this means Mark was written even earlier than Luke. Remember, we are not talking about deliberate lies; we are talking about legends.(2) The second argument assumes that Jesus did not have divine power to predict the future as the gospels state He did.In other words, the argument assumes in advance that Jesus was merely human.

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