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Back to top There are three main categories of long-distance train in Russia: 2-berth compartments, 9 compartments per coach, with both beds at the lower level either side of the compartment.

Washrooms and toilets are at the end of the corridor.

It accepts some overseas credit cards, though not all.

It may currently reject US-issued cards, though perhaps not all.

How do you think Russian families or solo women travel? Just use common sense as you would in a hotel, locking your door at night and not leaving valuables unattended in your compartment.

In addition to the normal lock on the compartment door, 'Spalny Wagon' and 'kup' compartments have a security latch which stops the door opening more than an inch or two, and which cannot be released from outside.

The cheapest place to buy Russian train tickets is at the station reservation office.

Here are some tips: Feedback from 'seat61' correspondents has generally been very positive about the first three of these Russian agencies, nothing has yet been received about the All-Russia agency.

I Appreciate the sense of humor and optimism., trust and frankness.Whichever class of travel you choose, each coach is looked after by a pair of attendants called a 'provodnik' (male) or 'provodnitsa' (female).The provodnik will check your ticket at the door to the sleeper when you board.You can also now buy Russian train tickets direct from Russian Railways at ru - it does have an English version, somewhat hidden, see my advice on using the Russian Railways website.Is a bit fiddly and not as user-friendly as Real Russia, but there are no fees and it does work if you persevere.

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Bedding (two sheets, pillowcase and towel) is then handed out in sealed packs - blankets and mattresses will already be stacked in your compartment.

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