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In this guide we’ll teach you how to rank up and how the ranking system works in Underlords, backed by statements from official Valve guys. medals) and rank tiers that you can earn in the game.

And why did I lose rank levels even when I placed first?!

Progress through the five tiers of a rank to get promoted to the next rank.

Specifically, to gain rank score in the game you must: However, you can still lose rank based on several factors.

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Quick trivia for non-Dota Auto Chess players: the mod version had a similar ranking system with 6 ranks using names from actual Chess pieces: Pawn, Bishop, Queen, etc.

The game will first calibrate your MMR and Rank on your first 25 games.(Note: All multiplayer games are ranked during the current beta’s Preseason.)During the calibration phase, your MMR will fluctuate a lot and since your MMR is what gives you your ranks, you’ll also see your ranks fluctuate and go up easily.Players also have a hidden MMR score used in matchmaking algorithms so that you’re matched with players of the same skill level.Now, let’s talk about how the ranking system of Underlords works in detail.We’ll update this page as soon as we get an official date for the start of Ranked Play Season 1! What do you think about the ranking system for Underlords?

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