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Teddy was born in April 1998, and is a metamorphmagus like his mother.

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Nymphadora Tonks was an auror for the Ministry of Magic.

She was also a metamorphmagus, meaning she could change her appearance at will.

• Tight hugs that last long• He never wants to let go• Holding hands whenever• Light kisses• Or passionate kisses• Being able to use the Marauders Map• Going to the kitchens to snack on things (chocolate)• Eventually making puns about his ' Fury Problem'•' Guys!

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In the seventh book, Remus names Harry Godfather to his and Tonks' baby, Teddy. Teddy Lupin, whose full name is Ted Remus Lupin, is the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks.

Teddy is named after Ted Tonks, Nymphadora's father who was murdered by death eaters, and is Harry Potter's godson.

Includes; Draco Harry Ron Fred George Neville Young!

Tom Riddle You can request for another character 🍫Staying with him after his transformations🍫Remus doubting that he deserves you because he's afraid he'll only end up hurting you 🍫You "patiently" convincing him that he's being stupid 🍫Actually, you practically scream it at him🍫Reading to each other🍫Remus playing with your hair whenever possible🍫Sneaking off to secret places in the castle when you both need alone time🍫Gently tracing the scars on Remus with your fingertips🍫Remus kissing you good night🍫Sitting on Remus' lap during meals🍫Scoffing chocolate, in front of the fire, in the common room at like 2 am🍫Really deep conversations during these chocolate eating times🍫James, Sirius and Peter calling you Mum and Dad🍫Because you act like their parents 🍫Staying up on the nights of full moons because you're so worried about him🍫Healing the Marauders wounds🍫Soft kisses in between classes🍫So many pranks with the boys 🍫Tracing his scars at night and reminding him how beautiful he is🍫Whispered ' I Love You's' at 2am🍫Wearing his massive jumpers because they're so warm and cuddly 🍫"Is that my jumper?

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