Dating royal staffordshire pottery

Initials placed inside the loops and a crown on top help to identify the pottery, and additional details date it. Backstamps on Staffordshire pottery change over the years and help identify the time range of manufacture.

Pottery produced after 1884 includes a registration number.

Lift the Royal Bayreuth piece to check the base or underside for marks.

The lion's presence signifies the piece was created after 1900.Some Staffordshire pieces are listed under categories like Fairing, Flow Blue, Mulberry, Shaving Mug, etc.Staffordshire pottery marks are typically located on the base of china and resemble a knotted rope with three loops.Variations of them are found in blue, green and black underglaze. Locate crowned lions with shields featuring an eagle crest on the left side, and a diamond pattern on the right side. Zone stamp indicates merchandise was subject to a duty tax from 1945 to 1949.The lions are printed in green underglaze, indicating the piece was made close to 1919. Zone" -- added to original stamps -- were often seen during this period. Notice the subject matter or design elements of the porcelain.

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