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Samoa women comes from small independent area in Polynesia islands in Oceania. Samoan population is around 176 908 inhabitants with capital Apia.

If we say Samoan island is a piece of tropical paradise we are not far from true.

This attitude can lead to disrespect towards women and even domestic violence.

Victim reports that as many as 68% of women in Samoa suffer from domestic abuse.

The best clinics in Apia are: 1) Collins Medical Clinic (Maria’s Health Care Building, mobile: 685 7754127).

As a tourist, you will have to pay for an appointment (100 tala).

I also met a considerable number of women involved in their husband’s small businesses, like vegetable gardening and goods trading.Apps4Types of Men Alisa says: The primary role of a Samoan man in a couple is as the leader.While women are usually obedient and pious in Samoa, men are decision-makers.Local Women Alisa says: Honestly, I noticed a lot of similarities between Russian and Samoan women.Samoan women are more traditional and religious, though.

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