Dating scene minneapolis

I have met people in my current city by joining church groups (I’m Catholic but open to non-Catholic Christian groups as well), coed sports leagues, and an ultimate Frisbee group.

I’ve been looking online and I’m having trouble finding comparable, active groups in MN.

Any suggestions on how I could meet people, for both friendship and dating?

It is a very Catholic and Lutheran concentrated city.

I have pretty of friends living in fine areas for under 0 even.

Thanks, this is a lot of good information to consider!

Also, from what I understand, the single male-to-female is a little more favorable in Minneapolis than it is on the east coast, so I would appreciate any insights on that too, as I am hoping to find someone to marry in the next few years. As a very social person who moved here from the east situation for transplants here is about as bad as you are going to find in a major US city.

Locals generally won't acknowledge the problem, but most of us transplants agree that it's incredibly hard to break into social circles here.

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