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The devastation will surely go on for many years to come, and this tragedy will not soon be forgotten.”Her post prompted a barrage of responses on message boards on sites such as Scrap Smack and Two Peas in a Bucket.

Creative Memories now has 90,000 consultants who sell the company’s products in stores, online and in classes they teach in 12 countries.The edgier scrapbookers thought of it as an outlet -- much like keeping a diary -- in which they expressed political views, decorated pages of their poetry or paid tribute to television shows like “Project Runway,” using torn and faded materials not guaranteed to last long enough for their grandchildren to see.The new generation stuck out its tongue at traditional scrappers, who cultivated the hobby for decades -- creating folios devoted to baby’s first Christmas, their granddaughter’s wedding or Sunday’s church service -- but rarely featured themselves or their feelings.The company earned 0 million in 2005, and slightly less in 2006 because many people shifted to computer programs to create digital albums, a niche the company is now expanding.“The traditional family album is alive and well,” Anderson said.“But scrapbooking is really changing -- it’s not just keeping track of your baby or your family photos in a paper album.”Before Contes stumbled upon scrapbooking, the fashion addict couldn’t figure out what to do with her life.

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