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Catgeory codes: Po: Police; Pr: Prisons, Young Offenders Institutes, Remand Centres; Ps: Psychiatric Hospitals.

I’d be very happy to (a)help the authorities fix a date for putting a stop to police harrassment of blacks,(b) facillitate security(of any kind) among blacks, (c)work in unison with them and constantly focus on issues that are directly relevant to the issue outlined in (a) above Greetings, Thank you for not forgetting my brother.

Although I was only 15 when he died, I was confused why someone in his condition should be left unsupervised long enough for them to kill themselves.

It has been very hard to research this for myself, so any info you have would be of immense importance to me, my siblings, but ,ore importantly my niece, his daughter. Thank you Karen Marsh all coppoers are bastards…iam mently ill and on medicion to calm my state down …it just seems like thepolice are getting very heavy handed..i was having a demestic with girl freind.

After mistreating black ppl and beating dem and locking them up like caged animals and taking away there freedom u hav white woman wanting mix raced bbys to help eliminated the black race even more look at d bigger picture slavery days haven’t gone its just been hidden in different ways.

All those evil ppl being able to get away with murder what whites fail to understand der will always be black ppl on earth we are going no where and the smart ones will reproduce them selfs(own colour) and grow more and more rest in peace to 2 of my friends on ur list OAKLEY RAMSEY,was a tall quite and very handsome man who loved to dance and was very good a very popular man with a gorgeous smile and to LYTTON SHANNON everyone called him shannon again well loved in the commuinity of walsall west midlands you are both greatly missed xx Thanks so much for placein my brother p.b.a.h amin raja khan still not exepting suicide he was a man’s man a true soider and my life and my familys ROCK peace be upon hom inshallah amin luv u 4ever chubby your baby bro xx Lloyd Butler died in police custody at stechford police station, 4/8/2010.

an assisted death, due to neglect by officers, important to mention,it is not just black people who die in custody. The independent police complaints authority in its present form is a national and international disgrace it needs more radical lawful powers rather than so call cosy relations and recommendations if it has no legal powers to investigate and bring criminal charges against corrupt and murdering police prison and other officers who carry out a public care and protection duty be it goverment institutions or private ones like g4 and mental health nurses we have too many scandals of all kinds of abuse power The Police are part of the state which makes it difficult and impossible to bring them to justice, for any crime they commit unless there is overwhelming evidence ie video footage from many people mobile phones or other sources.

There was a lot of hanging I read its planned and done purposely, to help cut down the black population.

There are many things that show this case to be the sham it was and I know that many bacteria that call themselves people of position have contributed to this case being dismissed as unknown.

I’m not a religious person or even a spiritual one but I hope to god karma has the slight possibility of reaping retribution I as his son will never be able to obtain justice for what’s happened but I hope that this tragedy does not befall anybody else and that hopefully those of us that have dealt with this come to peace with the fact our loved ones will live on in us and the lives that we lead.

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I was shocked and saddened to hear of Kwame Sasu’s death. We grew up together in Uganda,attending the same Primary School, Mwiri Primary Jinja and later Mwiri College for O levels.

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