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The most compatible signs with Pisces are generally considered to be Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.I'm an african, born in uganda but currently living in dr congo."Armed groups attack local communities, loot, rape, kidnap women and children and make them work as sexual slaves," Ertürk said.Besides war rape in Congo's civil wars, there are other serious threats to women's physical well-being in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.Many sex workers earn between and and payment is sometimes made in the form of food or other goods.Prostitutes working in bars and nightclubs receive between and , “There were food taboos which restrict women from eating certain foods (usually the most desirable) since ‘they are not the equals of men.’ Women may not eat in the presence of other men, and they are often allowed only their husband's leftovers.” For example, in Kisangani there were no women in law, medicine, or government in 1979, nineteen years after independence.A married woman must have her husband's permission to open a bank account, accept a job, obtain a commercial license, or rent or sell real estate.

Adapting to this situation, urban women have exploited commercial opportunities in the informal economy, outside of men's control.

Adult women were legitimate urban dwellers if they were wives, widows, or elderly.

Otherwise they were presumed to be femmes libres (free women) and were taxed as income-earning prostitutes, whether they were or not.

A phenomenon of 'pendulum displacement' has developed, where people hasten at night to safety.

According to Yakin Ertürk, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women who toured eastern Congo in July 2007, violence against women in North and South Kivu included “unimaginable brutality”.

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The inferiority of women has always been embedded in the indigenous social system and reemphasized in the colonial era.

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