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He was disfellowshipped from the Jehovah’s Witnesses several years ago and was not a part of this religion when we met and started dating a year ago.

Her mother and step-father are very active in the Watchtower organization.

He was raised in a Christian church, but I’m afraid that he never really got the message there.

I am concerned about our children and the influence he will have on them.

When we tried to give her your website article: I'M STUDYING WITH JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES. , she threw it back in our face saying that she won’t read it because it is ‘apostate’ information. It is like she already has her mind made up and doesn’t care what we present to her. She is mad at us because she thinks we are trying to stand in the way of her ‘true love.’ She is doing whatever it takes to get this guy.

He is almost 20 years old, not in school and doesn’t even have a job. Here she is a senior in high school with straight A’s, in advanced placement classes, combined with community college classes, but none of that matters to her.

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