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I always thought I was a good eater, but there was no way I could hang with these guys anymore.An hour later, I dropped my spoon into the berry-pie tin in defeat, tempted to unbutton my jean shorts.I had to drop eye contact and look at the floor, “Oh… Naturally, after my little performance as a subpar mini golfer, “Rocket Scientist” decided that it would be a good idea to let me sit this one out and watch him hit all the balls. Not only did you call me “freaking hot” but you didn’t even have the balls to compliment me or comment on my physical attributes to my face. Finally, after about 20 swings he allowed me to hit the ball (just this once.) It was my time to shine! I was going to hit that ball so far that it burst through someone’s car window.

High school cross-country and track were both sweet solace for me through awkward phases; in college, I found a similar refuge in trail running.

You get to relax, be goofy and get to know a guy in a fun environment. I could already tell that he took golfing very seriously.

As we walked toward the building I started to joke that I wasn’t a pro, but this should be fun. These are my “I can be casual but like to still party shoes.” haha. Was he wanting me to bring my cleats and be dressed in plaid from head to toe? I just stared at him (feeling very self-conscious of course) and said, “Yes, why?

His training schedule said 25 miles that day, so I figured I’d try to keep up for as much as I could.

Over the miles, it came out that I’d never run a marathon before.

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