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The manga and anime basically sold me on the characters otherwise I wouldn't know what to think of it.You micromanage your time trung to complete a manga for the comic convention and going out and buying supplies or talking to girls or your friend.Baldr Force Exe is another visual novel I collected because I liked the anime.The gameplay in it sounds a bit unimpressive from what little I've heard, isometric mech shooter in which you can improve your weapon stats as you progress.I expected the song 'Rumbling Hearts' would play during the transition break, as it did in the anime, but didn't quite expect the FMV montage footage.It felt kinda outta place, given the nature of what it was showing after what happened.

Are the early adult-themed GIGA games all strictly PC?

The opening montage of screenshots proves that much.

Speaking of which, it even keeps the PC opening FMV with its killer OP theme 'Face of Fact' from I've Sound.

But the story is what's lost out on as I don't think I've ever heard people talking about it, and for a visual novel the story is the most important aspect.

Even the anime must have had to cut stuff out to cram it all into four episodes but the sci-fi VR story sounded interesting nonetheless.

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I was hoping there'd be some animation upon seeing Mitsuki and Haruka in it but they moved little and it was mostly a montage of game pics which I don't think are included in the DC version due to their nature (although I could be wrong as I haven't gone beyond this point).

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