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none of that is particularly creative or interesting, and shouldn’t be your profile pic. I still got nowhere in ten years of online dating, but it wasn’t because my pictures sucked or my bio blew.

You and a fish, you and zoo animal of your choice, you doing yoga, hiking, sky diving, surfing, skateboarding…

Ladies, if you’ve ever wondered why a guy immediately asks you to send him a selfie once you start communicating outside of the dating app, it’s because they want proof you look like the pictures you posted. If you’re not a fan of your appearance, then get to work on that. There is no need to look intimidating, angry, boring or bland. Some of these dudes are wearing sunglasses in every single picture.

Your main profile pic should be your face, and the next two should be your face and/or body. If you use a group shot you’re not the cute one in it, guaranteed. For the love of all that’s holy, use a recent picture, within the last year at most. This is not your high school football program picture or a mugshot. Like someone another person would want to get to know? This is about first impressions and a picture of you and one other person says you’re a couple. Find or take a brand new great picture of yourself and let the past go.

Unless those are qualities you’re looking for in a partner, then go to town, I guess.

If you haven’t intrigued me in the first three then I probably won’t bother with the rest, and I’ll be on to the next guy. Here’s some choices NOT to make when it comes to profile pictures.

Right out the gate, if you don’t even have a picture up then you’re already shooting yourself in that foot I was talking about. Especially if WE went to all the trouble to curate the best pictures of ourselves.

I had a serious conversation with a guy on OKCupid who didn’t realize it was important to have a picture.

Everyone who does on-line dating often runs into at least ONE person they know from childhood/HS/college who is divorced, widowed, or has never married.

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- an attractive person may put it up there because they are confident about their appearance.

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