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__________________ "You put 10 tonnes of proof in front of people, if they are not ready to accept an idea, they will not accept the proof.

No amount of evidence will suffice to prove anything, it is the jury that will decide, and you are the jury." William Cooper - behold a pale horse video ^^ So true Do not assume all males are panting for anyone or females, lol.

On dating sites there is a 5:1 ratio of men to women, 9:1 on dirty dating sites.

I question if similar ratios are true for the real world.

A majority of both genders may be trying to find a partner in there life, not a minority are never interested, and ok with it.

When I created an ad for a male, within 24 hours, I received 5 messages in my inbox. I can't think of a single positive thing for women wanting to enter a relationship.

I am sure a minority of males have no interest in anyone.

So people like me prove that your generalised statement is wrong. A majority of males and females may be sexually active, but a minority have no interest in others.

Its not sex so much i seek, its a connection with someone a friend. On dating sites there is a 5:1 ratio of men to women, 9:1 on dirty dating sites.

A mate of mine(honestly) has had some success on, don't know about ratios unfortunately.

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For those that do, thats fine, but i am glad i never wanted to join such things.

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