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Components are robust pieces of software that can be modified in the back end of the site, and users see the Component on the front end.

Modules perform specific functions, users can see them on the front end of the site, and the administrator can modify them in the back end, but they are smaller than Components.

You can follow all of the best practices of Search Engine Optimization by structuring your URL and developing a long-tail SEO campaign which will ultimately increase your Page Rank and improve the popularity of your Joomla site. Menu Items can be connected to Articles, but core Joomla!

functionality also contains registration, login, contact, web link, and other Menu Items to choose from.

site, but sometimes they are used for specific Menu Items or Module types.

template providers to highlight Rocket Theme has been on the market for 11 years, formerly known as

They are a major player within the international Joomla!

Available as a quick button on the administrative control panel of your Joomla!

website, it enables administrators to update a site to the latest stable Joomla! As the name implies, Global Configuration is the area of Administration interface where site administrators can make changes that affect the global behavior of the website.

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