Dating someone different from you

pposites attract, but they don’t make the best partners.

He didn’t want to go on dates so much as little adventures in the city.

In the end, our bodies just want to prevent inbreeding, so we look for a mate with diverse genes in comparison to ours.

Just went on fewer and fewer outings, until finally gliding into each other’s friend zones. We become familiar with the other person’s world, and realize we don’t fit there. Of course, no sex can be so good it convinces us to spend the rest of our lives as a different person. The best relationships I’ve had lasted longer because we complemented each other. Your opposite wants you to attend their poetry reading. Your opposite has a funny story about traffic court, and it doesn’t make you laugh.

Your partner might have a more extroverted, loud personality, encouraging you to get out more and connect with others.

Furthermore, the shy partner might teach the outgoing one to mellow out a bit, listen more, and take time to relax.

Your perfect match may not always be the person you expect.

We can all be quick to judge when it comes to dating, but what if we took more chances and looked past our first impressions?

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Even in real life, it’s exciting to date someone we share nothing in common with. It was either foolish or revelatory, or maybe a mix.

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