Dating someone with diabetes

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In our modern world society diabetes is the fastest growing disease.

Dates contain soluble fiber, high amount of fructose, vitamins B, A and K, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium and most importantly zinc.

These nutrients and especially fiber help in the digestion process by preventing constipation dates also reduces the risk of contracting heart diseases, anemia, diarrhea and intestinal problems.

Neither of the three causes a sudden spike in the blood glucose levels.

The conclusion was that consuming dates was beneficial in maintaining controlled blood sugar levels as well as controlling diabetes.

In another study published in 2003, the glycemic index of a single variety of dates was tested.

Where dates were consumed with plain yogurt whereas the others consumed purely, the findings indicated in both occasions eating dates didn’t cause a spike in the blood sugar levels.

In yet another study published in 2002 testing the glycemic index of three varieties of locally available dates, it was found that though the glycemic index differed.

Typically, one serving cup of dates contains approximately 31gramms of fructose.

By default, dates are basically 80% sugar which is relatively higher compared to other foods such as jelly beans and sugared cereals.

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