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There is no reference given as to city or provence where the guitar was made only, that it was made in Korea (indicated by a gold coloured 15mm x 20 mm apx.

label on the headstock) and that the instrument was made expressly for the Wayne Music and Electrical Co. The model of the guitar is listed just below the mountain and given as model W-30.

Signatures written in ink (autograph or not) or stamped and are not a guarantee of the best quality.

Hi I have just been given a Wayne W-20 and it does not have any of the other numbers that I have seen in the post, It doesn't have made in any other contry just the lable with the mountain and last words on the label (for the player) is there any way I can find out the age of it as it is in very good conition and have been playing it for the past week and sounds grate, just that someone said to me that I sound get it checked out as it maybe some what old enough to be put up and played on the odd time and not full time.

There is also a number inside 83606 Its also written "susuki&co Est 1951" Does anyone know the manufacturing year for this guitar ?

Regards, Flo being a kiso Suzuki with the first number of your serial being an 8 and knowing that kiso did not build after 1985/86 your kiso will have a square label , is your guitar a gypsy ( maccaferri copy if I remember correctly ) anyway your guitar is made in 1978 # 3606 , ,, 1951- 1970 kiso's had the build year stamped and the model number .

This is a home page about classical guitar and guitarists; information of guitar on networks. I find this strange and thought this information might be useful to anyone trying to fathom out Aria guitar serial number identification. I have an Aria A583 classical guitar, no serial information found. Does anyone out there know when this guitar was made?

John Williams Discography Edited by Tashima Tetsuya. Obviously with no serial number it would be hard to pinpoint a year but right now I'm just looking for a time frame, not an exact date.

If you check the writing on the label the word 'conscience' is missing the letter 's'.Maple neck with a really pretty rosewood fingerboard, and an alder or similar hardwood body. Humbucker/Single Coil/Single Coil (HSS) pickup configuration, and the finish is Ebony Black. Could anyone give me some information about it and suggest how much it might be worth.It is in very good condition apart from needing new strings. Also does anyone know what wood they were made from.

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