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Delighted by the response I had through my membership and consider myself extremely lucky to have ended up in the position I now find myself in.Have recommended and will continue to recommend the site to others. Ive never met anyone like him before, hes a perfect match for out.” You did not know this at the time, but the recipient of this email had just received a serious medical diagnosis and I am told she was extremely upset by your comments.After this incident, relations between you and Attractive Partners staff deteriorated and it suspended your account.Thank you - we both couldn't have done it without the help of this site.Read more » Have met someone through the site with whom I am happily developing what we both believe will be a long term and deep relationship.You are vulnerable, but I don’t think Attractive Partners has done enough to take this into account.Instead, when I got involved company bosses were quick to paint you as “antagonistic”, while refusing to admit any failure themselves.

The last 2 weeks have proved me wrong, and I am so pleased that I found my lovely man on the site. Through this site, so many thanks to the team, a well organised and safe site for people like me looking for a serious relationship. We are enjoying each others company very much and both hope it lasts. I have found the most wonderful man and we are looking forward to an amazing future together. Read more » Thank you, I joined in July last Year, found my match in August, we are very happy and grateful.

Life can be happy & you can meet the perfect one for you, I have.

Read more » I am totally utterly thankful and grateful to have met someone through this dating site.

I cannot believe that meeting someone this way seems to have worked out so well... Fingers crossed for a future with this lady and fingers crossed for other subscribers and hope that they too find someone!!!

Read more » Back in May I started chatting to a lovely man who lived in the Manchester area.

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