Dating the era of lord ram

Sethusamundram, a national marine biosphere reserve that needs to be preserved, is part of an ocean that is being constantly bridged by natural sedimentation processes; nature has been at it for millions of years, developing coral platforms.During the peak glaciation interval 22,000 years ago, long stretches of the Indian coast, including parts of Sethusamundram, were exposed (above water).She further stated in her response that the show is not intended to reach a definitive conclusion on the science but only aims to present it in an intriguing way.None of the experts featured in the video makes any claim on the Ram Setu as a human construct nor does this video cite any published scientific results.Rose also says that the question of how these loose blocks of rock reached their current resting place is a mystery.At which point Lester is shown again saying that the stones have “come from afar”.

The storm surge not only washed away Dhanushkodi Island but transported material, including coral boulders, and redeposited them elsewhere.

It is also worth noting that the (2017) – “with the latter two increasingly taking over as the story’s locale moves southward”.

The public hears what it wants to hear, and people get their news mostly from sources whose bias they agree with.

Some studies have shown that a more recent episode of sea-level drop occurred between 1,200 and 700 years ago – during an interval called the ‘Little Ice Age’.

As the sea level rose in pulses since, the coral polyps could once again grow higher on the newly submerged platforms.

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The claim about rocks having been transported from somewhere else need not necessarily be due to human intervention.

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