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The chest is one of the areas that gives many FTM Transgender Guys a headache.This is because it is very hard to pass as a male when you have a curvy chest.Below are some tips to help you pass as male in public.While these tips may not fix everything, they will at least decrease the chances of being referred to as “ma’am.” One of the easiest and simplest ways of passing as a male is by wearing male clothes.Typical male hairstyles involve keeping your hair short in the back and on the sides.It is often said that barbers do a much better job at providing a male haircut compared to hairdressers.

Also, never use tape or elastic bandages when binding your chest Long hair can have a negative impact on the male image you want to project.

This will help you to avoid being mistaken for a lesbian.

Simply choose a male image you want to project and cultivate a look to suit that image.

If you currently have medium length or long hair, it would be wise to consider a haircut.

A good haircut that will certainly help you project a male image.

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